Gerneral terms and conditions Finca can Toni ®



The following rules expand, transcribe and complete the Royal Order number 27 of the 25th March 1988 and the Ministerial Order of the 14th March 1988 (BOE 22.04.88). In the matters not regulated by the following General Conditions the above mentioned orders are to be applied.


When reserving the property, the client is to pay 50% of the total rental price. The reservation is not valid unless this payment of the deposit is made. The remaining balance is to be paid at least 20 days prior to the date of arrival. In case this is not done, the reservation will be cancelled. In case the reservation is made 20 days or less prior to the date of arrival the client is to pay the full amount of the renting price. Once the deposit payment of 50% is made and reconfirmed by Finca Can Toni, the reservation is considered valid. In case of cancellation, the rules of Section III, paragraph 2. are to be applied.



As a general rule the rooms can be occupied from 3 p.m. onwards on the day of arrival. The checkout is to be before 12 a.m. on the day of departure.

Before arrival, it is essential for the client to inform about the times of arrival and departure as well as the means of transport (aeroplane or boat) in order to accompany him/her to Finca Can Toni. The hours of this service are from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.


Once the reservation has been made the client will receive a booking confirmation voucher. As soon as the full rental has been paid the client will receive a voucher indicating the full payment. The client will be met at his/her arrival in Ibiza (airport or port). Normally the client will be accompanied to the property, but in case this does not occur, he/she will be given an illustrated map in order to find the property without any problem.



Finca Can Toni reserves the right to substitute the reserved property by another one of similar characteristics and situation due to force majeure for which Finca Can Toni can not be made responsible.


Cancellation Policy of Finca Can Toni

Cancellation of the reservation up to 30 days prior to arrival:

30% of the total price

Cancellation of the reservation up to 15 days prior to arrival:

50% of the total price

Cancellation of the reservation up to 7 days prior to arrival:

75% of the total price

Cancellation of the reservation up to 1 day prior to arrival or “no show” or in the case of anticipated departure:

100% of the total price

The above mentioned percentages are based on the total amount of the stipulated rental price.


The irregularities and/or shortcomings the client may find in the rented property are to be communicated to Finca Can Toni as soon as possible and during the client’s stay in Ibiza.

Finca Can Toni will promptly solve any abnormality or deficiency and even change the property in case the deficiencies in the first property are proved to be insurmountable. Complaints that take place after the client has left the property will not be attended as they lack the fundamental basis of the reclamation.



The claim to the product offered and published means the explicit acceptance by the client of all and every one of the General Conditions.

Any reclamations that may be made by the client or Finca Can Toni fall under the jurisdiction of the Court of Law of Ibiza, waiving any other jurisdiction.

Finca Can Toni

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